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My name is Maria Constanza Rita I bet that made you LOL... IKR but my mom loved the name so here I am with a 3 names ID and people not been able to pronounce any of them; as much as she loved the name she figured out in the hard way that having a child with 3 names was pretty complicated, I don't really remember to be actually called by my whole name ever, not even at school even my teachers called me Connie.

Now you know my name so nice to meet you reader! Let's do it all over ok.

Hi y'all my name is Connie welcome to my blog. I was born in  Argentina but raised in Bolivia which I actually consider my home. I'm 35+ (yup awful right but no yet 40 tho). I'm a libra, was lawyer in my country and a homemaker here. I'm a mom of 3 children: 1 old enough to have her own kids, another almost old enough for the same and my toddler.

I live in Arlington, Tx since 2010, I live with my husband, my lovely 2 years old daughter and my cat called Kami. I love reading (whatever falls through my hands) but mostly fiction and romance LOTS of YA, I watch a ton of tv and movies (currently obsessed with GOT, IZombie and Vikings) I play console games but enjoy more mmos, I have been playing runescape for the last 11 years and I'm not even maxed 😋.

I'm new into the nail polish blog world but I have blogged before. I'm a certified hoarder of not only nail polish but stampers, stamping plates, decals, makeup and kawaii thingies. My love for nail polish and makeup is not new I was sent home in second grade for having my nails painted (long ago principals were asshats) it  was not proper for a little girl in catholic school, after that I was sent to the principal office so many times for wearing makeup they eventually moved on and let me do my thing, however, I was not into nail art.... I don't think it was a thing back then other than a french or stickers there weren't many options.

After moving to the USA and meeting my BFF and partner in crime I started dabbing in the secret world of nail art and its variants, I couldn't believe there were blogs out there solely dedicated to nail art and nail polish, nor I could have ever imagined in my wildest dreams the amount of beautiful people who shares this passion with me, you might be asking yourself WHYYYY BLOOOGGIIINNG?

Well, I have more polish than sense and buying nail polish is addictive and expensive for my pockets, sadly like any other hoarder I keep buying shiny things I don't ever use; they sit on my walls and closets and I really want to give every polish I own a try and do some type of art I own enough polishes to post 1 review everyday (which not going to happen) for a year and I'm a faithful collector of Sinful Colors - they are like pokemons: "gotta buy 'em all"-.

I'm lunatic about holo and I think they need to make some holo bedsheets and food but for now I will settle with  having some extra INTENSE holo on my nails. I'm also a little crazy and talk/type too much but it only happens online in real life I tend turn my mute button on.

That was a lot about me so again welcome I hope you will come back and visit us often, leave a comment or just interact with me in social media. I always try to answer every mail or comment.

Want to read more and see pictures: check my nail-volution here

Thanks for reading y'all

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