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My name is Connie, I was born in  Argentina but raised in Bolivia which I actually consider my home. . I'm a libra, was lawyer in my country and a homemaker here. I'm a mom of 4 children.

I live in  the great state of Texas with my husband, my two youngest lovely daughters and my crazy cat -her name is Kami-. I love reading (whatever falls through my hands) but mostly fiction, romance and LOTS of YA, I watch a ton of tv shows and movies (currently obsessed with GOT, IZombie and Vikings) I play console games but enjoy more mmos, I have been playing runescape since 2006 and I'm not even maxed 😋.

I'm new into the nail polish blog world but I have blogged before. I'm a certified nail polish hoarder  and somewhat I also seem to own a big pile of: stampers, stamping plates, decals, makeup and kawaii thingies. My love for nail polish and makeup is not new; I was sent home in second grade for having my nails painted; after that I was sent to the principal's office so many times for wearing makeup, eventually they moved on. I wasn't into nail art.... I don't think it was a thing back then other than maybe a french manicure or nail stickers there weren't really many options.

After moving to the USA and meeting my BFF and partner in crime I started dabbing in the secret world of nail art and its variants, I couldn't believe there were blogs out there solely dedicated to nail art and nail polish, nor I could have ever imagined in my wildest dreams the amount of beautiful people who shares this passion with me.

You might be asking yourself WHYYYY BLOOOGGIIINNG?
Well, I have more polish than sense and buying nail polish is addictive and expensive, sadly like any other hoarder I keep buying shiny things I don't ever use, they sit on drawers and boxes. I really want to give every polish I own a try and do some type of art. I own enough polishes to post 1 review everyday (which not going to happen) for a year and I'm a faithful collector of Sinful Colors - they are like pokemons: "gotta buy 'em all"-.

That was pretty much everything about me so again welcome, I hope y'all will come back and visit  often, leave a comment or just interact with me in social media. I always try to answer every e-mail or reply comments.

Want to read more and see pictures: check my nail-volution here

Thanks for reading y'all

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