Pokemon Nails (Twin nails with Life of a Madtyper)

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Hello there Nailmates!!!

Smoosh manicure and Pokemon reverse stamping

What  a wonderful Wednesday, I have some Pokemon nails to share with you and what makes it better is they are twins to my BFF at the "Life of a Madtyper" you can check her video here.
I love making smoosh manicures, I think the technique is quite simple, looks so beautiful and my friend Ruby wanted to try; so we decided to let our geeks out and stamp some Pokemons. We choose Eeve/Flareon and Dratini/Dragonair.

I started my mani with a thin coat of white nail polish (yes, I skipped the  base coat) and created  2 different smooshes.

Eeve Macro
Eeve.- I started applying dots of nail polish (CG: Home Sweet Home Music, Orly Hook Up & Rapture, SC Courtney Orange and KleanColor metallic Orange) on a small piece of  aluminum paper, then smudged them all together with a stamper and applied onto my nail until it was completely covered and had the right opacity and design, topped with seche vite and repeated the whole procedure on my pinky. I stamped Eeve using a SP plate from eBay, I painted/colored my pokemon while it was still on the stamper with a small dotting tool, using Orly highlight and Sinful Colors Rebel, allowed the paint to dry for 15 mins, after painted a thin coat of Wild Shine Clear Coat and let it dry for  20 minutes once it was dry but still pliable, I lifted the small sticker with tweezers, cut any excess around the image  and stuck it onto my nail and applied a coat of seche vite.

Dratini Macro
For the blue smoosh I used the same technique but different colors (CG: UV  Meant To Be, Orly: Highlight and SC: Savage & Cool Gray) repeated one by one all the previous steps and  applied topcoat. The small Dratini was done with reverse stamping and created directly into the stamper as described in paragraph above and later filled with Sinful Colors A-Crush and Snow Me White, then I applied another coat of Seche Vite and allowed  my nails to dry for 25 mins before applying a matte topcoat.

While it sounds like too many steps for a manicure I can tell you they are simple and easy to achieve it just take practice but the results are so worth it, also it's always fun to paint your nails and share some quality time even if it's online with a good friend.

Thank you so much for reading,

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China Glaze: " UV Meant To Be"
China Glaze: "Home Sweet House Music"
Kleancolor "Metallic Orange"
Orly: "Highlight"
Orly: "Hook Up"
Orly: "Rapture"
Sinful Colors: "Snow Me White" (Base and Reverse Stamping"
Sinful Colors: "Savage"
Sinful Colors: " Courtney Orange"
Sinful Colors: "Cool Gray"
Sinful Colors: "A-Crush" (Reverse Stamping)
Sinful Colors"Rebel" ( Reverse Stamping)

Stamping Polishes

Born Pretty: "BP Black"

Stamping Plates



Seche Vite
Wet 'n Wild:  Wild Shine Matte Topcoat
Wet 'n Wild Wild Shine Clear Coat


eBay Clear XL Round Stamper

silver decorative line rule

PS.If you're interested to see more of my nail art (the good ones and the fails too), you could either stalk me on Instagram or Facebook and please remember English is not my first language and I would appreciate an email if you spot any grammatical horrors (error like: spelling, diction or syntax).

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