Mardi Gras Nails (2017)

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Hello Nailmates!!!

Mardi Gras Nails 

I can't believe Mardi Gras was a week ago, I've never attended but I would love to, for me New Orleans is a dream city, all that history, culture, food and of course magic in one place sounds amazing!.

I had no lack of inspiration for this mani, the Mardi Gras Colors are beautiful and go so well together. I started this mani by painting 2 thin coats of CND stickey base coat and my pink and middle finger with Sinful Colors: "Bananappeal", my ring with SC: "Snow Me White" and pointer with SC: "Enchanted" and sealed the colors with topcoat (Seche Vite)

Macro stamped beads
I stamped my pinky finger  and middle  using a Born Pretty stamping plate with a rhomboid pattern and two different colors of Born Pretty Stamping polish, metallic purple and dark green,  sadly,  I couldn't get a a perfect stamp most had bald spots, un-even color, etc. The best I got was a "decent" one, the plate itself seems not to be the problem since it stamped beautiful with black or white, so I'm thinking it was user's error and not some type of etching problem or maybe it was the polish , not sure but whatever it was I had to hand-paint and fill-up the rhombus bald spots one by one and it was such a tedious job.

Macro face mask
The beads and the mask where really easy to stamp, I love my cheap QA plates they stamp great the only down-side is how sharp they are and how careful you have to be while handling them. I stamped the beads with the same born pretty polishes and for the gold used my  beloved Sinful Colors: "Gold Medal". To embellish the mask and my nails as a whole I added some small crystals with a dot of  top coat and always keeping the color palette in mind, to protect my stamping I used 1 coat of Seche Vite and once it completely dry a coat of matte topcoat. I'm really happy with the results and enjoin my Mardi Gras nails even if they are a tiny bit to late!

Thank you so much for reading,

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Sinful Colors: "Snow Me White", "Enchanted"
Sinful Shine "Bananapeal"

Stamping Polishes

Born Pretty: "Metallic Purple", "Dark Green"
Sinful Colors: "Gold Medal"

Stamping Plates

Harunouta L-037


Seche Vite

Base Coats

CND Stickey Base Coat.


eBay clear round stamper


silver decorative line rule

PS.If you're interested to see more of my nail art (the good ones and the fails too), you could either stalk me on Instagram or Facebook and please remember English is not my first language and I would appreciate an email if you spot any grammatical horrors (error like: spelling, diction or syntax).

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