Valentine's Day: Water-marble decal nail art

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Hello there Nailmates!!!

Valentine's Day water marble nail art

I know .....I'm so late with my Valentine's nails but I was so excited , seems I did one too many and since we are all so over it I think  they could be useful as inspiration for next year Valentine's.
I'm not an expert when it comes to water-marble in fact I am sorta awful and my worst polish experiences and clean-ups, they all start with a cup full of water and polish but making water-marble decals is  mess free and doesn't take to long either, so I like to do them once in a while and put my marbling skills to the test, as you can see they are not amazing but I'm far........ far along from where I started.
Water-Marble process

I love to water-marble with Sally Hansen Xtreme, the polishes dry slowly, are thin but opaque enough to allow you to create some designs without the need to hold your breath or turn off the AC, I live in Tx and turning the A/C off is never an option. a few tricks tho are keeping your house not to warm or too cold and I use distilled water, somehow I cannot make it work with tap water.

Macro water-marble decal and stamping
The water-marbling process is a tad annoying, you have to work fast but the Xtreme polishes allow you some time in between. after  I had the design ready I let my water-marble dry for about 2 hours and took it off the design from the cup with the help of tweezers and cut the  marble decal in pieces: the size and shape of my nails, they are really easy to apply over a white coat of nail polish and an extra coat of seche vite a few seconds before you apply the decals, to shape and fix the corners and cracks I use a brush  dipped on acetone it melts the polish with the other coats just be careful not to over it, now what ruined mine was the topcoat some how ended up smudging the design  I  didn't float the brush high enough.

Macro stamping

For my stamping I used two plates I purchased on eBay the designs are smaller but adorable, I stamped  all my designs with  Born Pretty Store Stamping Polish: "Red 05" and Handy: "Neon Pink". for the single heart close to the cuticle I used the same M plate I used for my middle and ring finger but cleaned all hearts but one with scotch tape, once I was happy with how it looked I used another coat of Seche to protect my design.

The good thing is am not too afraid of water marble anymore and I might have to try it more often, after all the best way road to perfection is practice.

Thank you so much for reading,

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