Cat stamping and radiant gradient nail art.

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Hello there Nailmates!!!

Cat stamping over radial gradient.

So, I'm mom to a wonderful fur baby, her name is Kami; she is a beautiful silver mackerel tabby. Kami came to my life in an unconventional way but within a few hours she won over our hearts. She will be 5 years old this April 15th (not the exact day she was born but the date I chose for her), a couple of days ago  we were laying on the couch watching TV; I couldn't stop looking at how gorgeous my fur-baby is and decided to paint her in my nails.
I can somewhat free-hand but I'm no Picasso nor Michelangelo and most of my cat stamps are cartoon-ish, so I decided to use her beautiful fur as inspiration.


I always start my manicures with a coat of CND stickey base coat; to be honest  I'm not sure why I still use base coat, since my nails are all stained; it doesn't actually matter what type of base coat I use, some polishes will stain through everything even a white base, well, maybe the staining would be even worse and the base coat is minimizing it, I'm not really sure but it might worth to follow up on this.

Once my base coat was completely dry, painted my nails with a thin coat of Sinful Colors: "Snow Me White" and proceeded to create a  radial gradient with Sinful Colors"Nirvana", Orly "Country Club Khaki", China Glaze:"Oxygen" once I was happy with the opacity, I sealed and protected the gradient with a coat of Seche Vite

Macro stamping

I used one coat of Color Club Revolution for my accent nail  and stamped my nails with a really cute Hehe stamping plate, mundo de uñas  nail polish in "Black" and "Taupe" accordingly, finished all with another coat of Seche and my kitty nails were ready to rock.

Macro holographic
I love holographic nail polish macros and I really hope you do as well! The color club holographic nail polishes are so stunning and always look beautiful in any picture or macro.

Thank you so much for reading,

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Sinful Colors "Snow me White"
Sinful Colors "Nirvana"
Orly "Country Club Khaki"
China Glaze "Oxygen"
Color Club"Revolution"

Stamping Polishes

Mundo de Uñas  "Black"
Mundo de Uñas  "Taupe"

Stamping Plates

hehe 22


Seche Vite Topcoat

Base Coats

CND Stickey Base coat


eBay clear round stamper


Beauty wedge sponge

silver decorative line rule

PS.If you're interested to see more of my nail art (the good ones and the fails too), you could either stalk me on Instagram or Facebook and please remember English is not my first language and I would appreciate an email if you spot any grammatical horrors (error like: spelling, diction or syntax).

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