The Nail Fail Files: Ep2 Foil Fiasco

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Hello there Nailmates!!!

The Nail Fail Files
Foil and Stamping Nail Art

In one month I have had several nail disasters but most easily fixable, or were just scraped over after 2 nails so not much for a post, I've always wanted to use nail foils but they shrink or wrinkle with top coat and seems a real hassle. Well a couple days ago I was bored and decided to give it a try had some mod podge, gloss varnish and UNT all of these are water base, So I decided to give it a try.

The Nail Fail Files
Macro Foil I

I started with CND stickey base and after a coat of sinful colors black on black and 1 coat of seche vite after everything was fully dried which took around 20 mins I applied a coat of foil glue which goes a milky white over the nail and in question of one or two minutes it goes fully transparent and ready to use the foils.
The foil application was easy and while I had some bald spots, pressing a small piece of new  foil seems to work and cover the nail completely, after I  applied a coat of gloss varnish and allowed to dry  for 15 minutes or so, once  it was dry to the touch, I use some topcoat and it started cracking nothing to big or too serious but it did. I think I might have to let the varnish dry for 1 hour instead of 15 mins next time.

The Nail Fail Files
Macro Foil II

Well I wasn't happy with the wrinkles so I decided to cover most with some stamping, sadly, the foil kept shrinking, wrinkling and cracking the stamping on its way. although it's a nail fail, I kinda liked the way it looked on my fingers and will give foils more than a try whenever I can make time for them, as you can see the foil makes for beautiful macro pictures so rich in color.

Extra fact the nails lasted exactly 4 hours they came out the second it took a hot shower leaving behind some perfectly clean black nail polish.

Thank you so much for reading,

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Sinful Colors:"Black on Black"

Stamping Polishes

Pure Ice: ""Silver Mercedes"

Stamping Plates


Top Coat

Seche Vite

Base Coats

CND Stickey Base Coat


Clear Round


BMC Nail Foil
BMC Nail glue
Folkart Gloss Varnish.
silver decorative line rule

PS.If you're interested to see more of my nail art (the good ones and the fails too), you could either stalk me on Instagram or Facebook and please remember English is not my first language and I would appreciate an email if you spot any grammatical horrors (error like: spelling, diction or syntax)

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