Chinese New Year's lavender and gold nails.

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Hello there Nailmates!!!

Polish & Potions

The Chinese New year is upon us and this year celebrates the year of the rooster so I wanted something subtle to commemorate the occasion, somehow I had completely forgotten how hard is to paint and do some sorta clean up in short nails it took me more than a couple of tries to not wipe most of the polish from my nails instead of cleaning up my flooded cuticles, by the end of this manicure I gave up  completely to attempt achieving a small gap between my cuticles and the nail polish.

Polish & Potions

As always my first step was to apply CND stickey base, followed by 3 coats of Misa " Genie in this bottle" a beautiful gray lavender color with a purple shift, the polish itself is so pretty I could probably wear it alone with no stamping or add-ons. After the 3 coats of polish I topped the whole mani with Seche Vite and stamped with Sinful Colors: "Gold Metal".

Polish & Potions

I used 3 different plates, my index and pinky were stamped with BM 709 from the "Secret Garden" Collection, my middle finger with Moyra orientalist and my ring finger with BM S229 from the spring set, topped with Seche Vite and Wild Shine matte top coat.

Polish & Potions

Well, the hardships of the nub life seem to never end, I was using a clear stamper and yet I could barely see where  exactly I was stamping and most of my go-to designs were to big for my nails, so I had to look for something different. The bright side: while my nails are this small I'll have the chance to use plates I have never used or haven't used in a long time since they are designed for short nails; I actually forgot how many gorgeous plates I had and I'll be using until my nails are too long for them.

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 Misa " Genie In This Bottle"

Stamping Polishes

Sinful colors: Gold Medal.

Stamping Plates

Moyra Orientalist
BM S229
BM 709


Seche Vite
W&W Wild Shine: "Matte topcoat"

Base Coats

CND Stickey Base Coat


Ebay  clear round stamper

silver decorative line rule
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