The Nail Fail Files (Ep1): The caviar beads disaster.

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Hello there Nailmates!

green holo and caviar beads  nail accent
"[Insert emerald pun here] and Sally Hansen HAS "hard to get" 

First we all know Nail Fails are bound to happen, they are like childhood or teenage years embarrassing pictures we all have a few or more than a few  ( my case); The Nail Fail Files is a new series of posts showcasing manicures that otherwise would have never seen the lens of a camera, I want to share them with y'all so maybe you guys will be brave enough to share yours with me on social media.
The reason behind the series is not only to lighten up the mood in the nail world, but to remind us as a community, that "WE" should stop judging so harshly or making fun of other people's work; not everything has to be perfect and just because they're not up to somebody else's standards it doesn't mean they are not pretty to the person who painted them. We all have to start somewhere and those not so perfect nails shows we have much to learn but we are still willing to give it a try.
Q: What do I consider a nail fail? A: A set of nails which had so much potential in "my" head but my poor execution made me hate them.

emerald holo and gold stamping polish
Green Holo and caviar beads Christmas tree nail art.

This manicure was inspired by "Penny A. DF handpainted and decorated with caviar beads nail art" her nails were so pretty and somehow I thought I could do something similar, that was until my caviar beads order arrived in the mail and in my excitement I ripped the box open, just to find out, that one of the small containers was not closed; tiny little caviar beads went flying everywhere; the biggest portion went to the floor but the rest found its way to my person, I had beads in my hair, clothes, shoes and parts of my body I wont mention.

The accent nail was a disaster, I hand painted a cute evergreen and added a golden star on top, took a few of the caviar beads I found lying around and tried to stick them to the nail with top coat, placing one by one was impossible, I tried using my finger, a toothpick and tweezers, I used the toothpick wet, dry, with topcoat, etc nothing worked so in the end I dipped my finger inside the container with  a blob of seche vite and the result is:

Caviar beads nail art
Caviar beads Christmas tree macro

The saddest part was my inability to take a good picture of one of the most beautiful polishes I own: a luxurious emerald green holo which I stamped with gold christmas lights. No matter what type of light I used (except natural light which I haven't seen for at least a week), however I managed to take a gorgeous macro to make it all worth it!

[Insert Emerald pun here]
Macro [Insert emerald pun here" stamped with "Gold Medal"

I would love to see some of your nail fails, so, if you are willing to share them with me tag me on facebook, twitter, g+ or instagram using  #thenailfailfiles.

Wishing y'all Happy Holidays/Merry Christmas!!!! and thank you so much for reading,

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PS.If you're interested to see more of my nail art (the good ones and the fails too), you could either stalk me on Instagram or Facebook and please remember English is not my first language and I would appreciate an email if you spot any grammatical horrors (error like: spelling, diction or syntax)

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