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So my first blog post (yay!!), I thought  for a while about what I should write my first blog post about: a new manicure, old swatches, my nail fails or my best ones and I came to the conclusion a first post is all about  getting to know you" the blogger" (in this case me), so I decided to tell you a bit about my life and post a couple of my manis some are good and some are not so great but I wanted to show y'all how far I've come along. I have always loved nail polish and makeup and for the last 3 or 4 years I've not only "loved" but also hoarded nail polish bottles, so little I knew when I picked a bottle of Sinful Colors on December,2010 how my life was about to change, so let me tell you my story.

Like any other great story mine starts with a good friend or BFF who also happens to love nail polish and beauty products, what's more she is a blogger........yes and a good one!.

I'm married to the love of my life, who decided we needed to move back to his country (The mighty USA) from my small south american town in the middle of nowhere so we packed everything and moved to Texas in September 2010. I'm a shy, socially awkward gal who likes to be at home and play online games or cuddle with my cat, so making friends here was/is not easy. I met my best friend through a blogger (whom I still follow). She lives in Indiana, we have never met in person but we can talk for hours or not talk for a week without any hard feelings, we have lots of things in common and we are both pretty chill, so talking about nails was and still is one of our favorite subjects, around November, 2012 my BFF lets call her "Ruby"- because that's her name- was about to shake my existence and introduce me to this new "thing" called stamping. Lord if I only knew back then how addictive this new trend would become to me I might have stayed away (right! if.), well by the time May, 2013 came I was not only hoarding nail polish but also stamping plates, stampers, tools, glitter, sequins, decals, etc.

Not long after my BFF thought it was prudent to add me to a nail addicts and a group buy facebook  group. Not only did I discover we were not alone out there... but there were thousands of other women and also men who loved to have pretty nails, take pictures and share their designs all over social media, I was in heaven but it did not last; on February 2014 my world was rocked once again this time it was pregnancy and I did my nails often until the day my little girl was born in September after that I painted my nails quite sporadically, although I never stopped buying polish or stamping supplies.

 My daughter is now 2 and I have once again too much free time on my hands (not really) and too much polish to try, so a blog seems like a great place to start putting my skill and polish to a good use and share it with y'all.

Without anymore preamble to the nails and my nail-volution:


green nail polish brand Pure Ice : Wild thing
Pure Ice Wild thing


pink and gold 2013
Nail art first steps

pure ice glitter
Glitter forever


nbc nail art jack and sally
Hand Painted NBC
the grinch who stole christmas  nails


around the world in 80 days nail art
Moyou london Literature Contest entry

holo and pink sally hansen
Geometrical Design
neon orange and pink with bats and vampires
Halloween bats

holly leaf and berries stamp
Christmas 2016 nails
Now we are up to date with my story and my nails.

I'm no Picasso, ClaireStelle8 nor MadamLuck but I'm still working on them, hopefully I can make some good friends on the way and remember life is a journey not a destination.

If you're interested to see more of my nail art (the good ones and the fails too), you could either stalk me on Instagram or Facebook and please remember English is not my first language and I would appreciate an email if you spot any grammatical horrors (error like: spelling, diction or syntax), I really appreciate the time you took out of your life to read this and the next posts will be shorter, way shorter for sure.

Thank you so much for reading,

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  1. What a great post! I found nail stamping through Youtube and have met online so many lovely supportive people. Nobody around me does nail stamping but most are supportive and complimentary and a few have even lent me their nails to play with! I would have never known that English is not your first language. I look forward to reading your next one. I will be stalking you on Instagram, also ;-). Feel free to stalk me, too. I'm @dolfanchicknails on IG.


    1. Hi Frances!! thanks for reading and yes me too I've made a couple of great friends thanks to my nail addiction. English is not even my second language but I'm trying to get better and hopefully blogging will help me understand better and correct my syntax and diction.
      I'm now stalking you too on instagram!!!

  2. Really cool! I've never tried stamping but like watching Ruby's videos on it.


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